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Advanced Diagnostic Imaging, Laboratory, and Internal Medicine Services

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Internal medicine is a specialized field that deals with preventing, diagnosing, and treating diseases that affect your pet's internal organs. Our veterinarians use a wide array of cutting-edge diagnostic tools and techniques to see what's happening inside your pet and devise the best possible treatment plan.

At Western Veterinary Center, Medical & Surgical Center (WVC), our internal medicine department, diagnostic imaging, and laboratory are pivotal components of our practice—a resource for referring veterinarians and pet owners alike.

Full Range of Diagnostic Capabilities

Western Veterinary Center prides itself on offering a comprehensive suite of diagnostic capabilities essential for diagnosing a wide variety of health issues.

Computed Tomography (CT)

Our CT scanning capabilities allow us to provide high-resolution, cross-sectional images, which is invaluable for detailed diagnostics, treatment planning, and ongoing monitoring.

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Our endoscopy suite is equipped for a variety of procedures, including GI endoscopy, rhinoscopy, bronchoscopy, and colonoscopy. With endoscopy, we can diagnose gastrointestinal diseases by retrieving small tissue samples under anesthesia.

Fluoroscopy (coming soon!) and Ultrasound

Fluoroscopy and ultrasound technologies allow us to obtain detailed, real-time, three-dimensional images of your patient's abdomen and internal organs, making procedures like tumor aspiration more precise.


Our echocardiography service is an important part of our diagnostic arsenal. We use it to create comprehensive 3D images of the heart, measure pressure flows, and assess blood velocity, making it an essential tool for diagnosing and treating conditions like pulmonary hypertension and pericardial cancers.

In-House and Reference Lab

Our facilities include a fully equipped, integrated in-house lab using AI-driven digital cytology and a fecal analyzer for rapid, accurate results. When specialized tests are required, our reference lab is available to assist. This extensive laboratory capability lets us quickly diagnose and treat acute illnesses, making us an invaluable ally for urgent cases.

Digital Radiology (X-ray)

Non-invasive digital radiology, including dental digital X-rays, enables us to detect bone and soft tissue changes in your referred cases.

MRI—Coming Soon!

In our commitment to providing the best possible diagnostic services, we are excited to announce that MRI services will soon be added to our suite of diagnostic tools.

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Comprehensive, Collaborative Care

WVC understands that each case you refer to us is a testament to your trust in our capabilities. We value this relationship and are committed to providing comprehensive, state-of-the-art diagnostic and internal medicine services. Our team is always available for consultations or to answer any questions you or your clients may have. For referring veterinarians looking to partner with a forward-thinking practice or pet owners in search of advanced medical services, we are here to assist.

If you are a pet owner, please call us today to schedule an appointment. Referring veterinarians, please visit our referral page to learn how we can work together to provide the best possible care.