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Working Together for Pet Well-Being: Information for Referring Veterinarians

Western Veterinary Center, Medical & Surgical Center (WVC) recognizes the critical role referring veterinarians play in the health and wellness of every pet. We aim to provide an efficient, supportive, and seamless referral experience, ensuring that every pet gets the care they deserve.

Professionalism, Communication, and Efficiency in Care

We view ourselves as an extension of your practice, supporting your care and treatment. Our priority is to provide excellent service to referred cases without infringing on the established relationship between you and your patient.

We are colleagues partnering to offer your patients the best possible care during challenging times. After treating a referred pet, we always direct them back to their primary care veterinarian, emphasizing your role in their ongoing care.

How to Refer a Patient to WVC

Emergency and Critical Care Referrals

When time is of the essence, we stand ready to provide emergency and urgent care for your patients. If you're sending a patient to our facility immediately, please call us to communicate the referral. We request that you send all relevant medical history using our referral form. This information is vital for our team to understand the case, including current medications, findings, and overall patient status.

Non-Emergency Referrals

For non-emergency cases, we ask that you use our referral form to share details and upload patient records/history. Again, the history is crucial for our team to comprehensively understand the pet’s health. Please contact us to discuss the case and determine a suitable appointment schedule.

Workup and Treatment

Our team conducts a thorough workup in all referred cases and formulates a tailored treatment plan. We collaborate with pet owners to decide on the best course of action, always respecting their choices and priorities. We treat the patient with utmost care and precision, aiming to get them back on their feet as soon as possible.

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If you have a patient that could benefit from our services, please visit our referral page to learn how we can work together to provide the best possible care.