new kitten.

Congratulations on your decision to adopt a new kitten! We know that first-time cat owners are every bit as curious as a cat when bringing home a kitten for the very first time, so our team at Western Veterinary Center is here with plenty of handy hints for helping your new kitten feel right at home.

Shop Before You Adopt

Preparing for a kitten means having everything your new bundle of fur and fun will need before you adopt, otherwise, you’ll find yourself scrambling for the proper supplies at the last minute. Here are some key kitten supplies to have on hand before bringing home a kitten:

  • A pet carrier (preferably lined with a soft blanket for extra comfort) is the safest way for your new kitten to travel.  
  • Age-appropriate food, and food and water bowls: We are happy to recommend a nutrient-rich diet at your kitten’s first visit. 
  • Litter box and cat litter: Position your kitten’s “potty area” away from loud noises and away from food and water dishes. If you adopt more than one kitten, be sure to have one more litter box than the number of cats in your household.
  • Toys, scratching posts, and climbing trees will keep your bundle of energy entertained. 
  • Your new kitten will spend the majority of her time napping, so make sure she has a comfy bed — or two!
  • Pheromone diffusers or calming sprays: These are particularly helpful in multi-pet families to help make your new kitten’s transition to your home a smooth one.
  • Accidents happen, so be prepared to clean up the occasional errant tinkle with urine/odor remover spray

Kitten Adoption Tips

Purchasing kitten supplies is just the beginning of your journey as a cat parent. Here are some other things to consider before bringing home a kitten:

  • Prepare a safe environment for your curious new kitten. This means making sure household toxins like cleaning supplies and poisonous plants are out of reach. 
  • If you have other pets, read-up on ways to safely introduce your existing pets to your new kitten. 
  • Consider adopting from a local shelter, where precious kittens in need are awaiting their fur-ever homes.
  • Obtain a record of all medical procedures your new kitten has had prior to adoption, such as spay/neuter surgery, microchipping, and vaccines.

New Kitten Care

Once your new kitten is home sweet home, schedule a wellness care visit so we can get your kitten off to a healthy start. We will create a plan for ongoing care, explain vaccines and other services that your new kitten will need, and answer your questions about new kitten care and feline behavior.

For first-time cat owners, bringing home a kitten is such an exciting time, and our team can’t wait to welcome your kitten to our Western Veterinary Center family! Contact us at (805) 957-7387 to schedule your kitten’s first visit.